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All Audition Songs Have Been Submitted.

Meanwhile ...


1. Continue to train your voice with the pitch tuner app.

2. Exercise your breathing and discovering your resonance every day.

3. Get all 12 songs memorized so you don't have to carry the songbook around.

4. Be ready to pay the last registration fee of 25 euros. We'll send an email about what day we will do this so the exchange rate is the same for everyone.

5. Make sure your uniform is figured out. Be in contact with Tiia.

6. Send money to Lisa for our matching scarves, and maybe a tote. Keep checking your email.

7. Make sure your passport is current.

8. Get What's App on your phone and send Brigitte your user name.

Koor Forum Link

Connect with each other, be a buddy, announce a sing-in, and ask any question in the forum. All registrations are admin approved so only members of our choir will be in the forum. Please make your user name your first name and last name initial. After you receive an email that you are approved, set email notifications, and subscribe to the Chat forum.

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Pitch Check Instructions click here

Buy the TE Tuner app. Only $4.

Watch this video on how to set up video + tuning interface. The instructions are on Apple devices. The app is available on Android devices, and if someone can do a tutorial on them, let me know.




Our audition videos. Thank you to all who worked hard and sang.

The Laulupidu Song Schedule for Mixed Chorus


Friday, July 5, Rehearsal on Festival Grounds

Rehearsal for Sunday Concert. Time to be announced.


Saturday, July 6, Rehearsal AND Concert.

Full rehearsal of concert, go back to town and join the parade, then concert 7-9pm.


Opening Songs - All Choirs


1 Koit,  Mihkel Lüdig/Friedrich Kuhlbars

2 Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm,  Fredrik Pacius/Johann Voldemar Jannsen

3 Kuulajale,  Gustav Ernesaks/Betti Alver


20 Songs from Professional and Prime Ensembles


Sing along with the Prime Ensembles


Üksi pole keegi, Tauno Aints / Urve Tinnuri

Puud ma laulan haljusesse, Karl August Hermann/ Raimo Kangro/ Kristo Matson

Kungla rahvas, Karl August Hermann / Friedrich Kuhlbars


Sunday, July 7, Concert 2-8pm


9 different choirs and orchestra groups perform before the mixed choirs.


Mixed choirs sing.

4 Kannel Hain Hõlpus/eesti rahvalaul

5 Emakeelelaul  Tõnu Kõrvits/Doris Kareva

6 Isamaale  Eino Tamberg/Juhan Liiv

7 Ära mind lahti lase  Kadri Voorand/Triin Soomets


All combined choirs sing.

8 Tuljak  Miina Härma/Ferdinand Karlson

9 Ilus oled, isamaa  Tõnis Mägi, seade Tõnis Kõrvits

10 Igaviku tuules  Pärt Uusberg/Kristjan Jaak Peterson, Juhan Liiv, eesti rahvaluule

11 Ta lendab mesipuu poole  Peep Sarapik/Juhan Liiv

12 Mu isamaa on minu arm  Gustav Ernesaks/Lydia Koidula