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January 5 Rehearsal and Business Meeting

February 2  Rehearsal

March 9  Rehearsal

March 30  Recording Day

Times tba.

Location to be confirmed, but will be in San Francisco.


Because our singers live in a triangle 130 miles north to south, and 30 miles east to west, and with the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges to cross, rehearsing weekly is difficult.

Also, as there are long-distance singers who will be joining the choir for the national festival audition, I've designed a program where we can be learning the same things at the same pacing.


Assignments for each song are:

1. Take a picture of the lyrics handwritten onto a paper.

2. Make a pitch-check video on the designated portion of the song with the TE Tuner app.

3. Make a video of you singing the whole song with the mp3 of your part.

4. Make a video of you singing with the conducting video.


For further instructions, click here.




Submit Assignment

Pitch Check Instructions

Buy the TE Tuner app. Only $4.

Watch this video on how to set up video + tuning interface. The instructions are on Apple devices. The app is available on Android devices, and if someone can do a tutorial on them, let me know.





Please fill out this Google form to join the choir. If you've already signed up and haven't received an email, please check your spam folder. Or you can contact Brigitte here.


Choir dues for this term is $60.

Please pay Lisa Trei (lisatrei at gmail) through Paypal.



January 12 Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm, page 43

January 19 Koit, page 48

January 26 Mu isamaa on minu arm, page 94

February 2 Ta lendab mesipuu poole, page 91

February 9 Tuljak, page 55

February 16 Ära mind lahti lase, page 34

February 23 Isamaale, page 28

March 2 Kannel, page 6

March 9 Igaviku tuules, page 81

March 16 Ilus oled, isamaa, page 63


For the January 5 rehearsal, please prepare the first four songs so you know them enough to sing them in a choir setting.


For the February 2 rehearsal, please prepare the next three songs.


For the March 9 rehearsal, please prepare the last three songs.


*If you miss the deadline, you may submit it late, but all late songs must be in by March 23 to participate in the audition. You must be part of the audition to go to the festival.


**If you haven't sent in the songs for the 1st audition, send  videos of Kuulajale & Emakeelelaul asap. No later than Jan 15, 2019.

The 12 Laulupidu Songs

We have been accepted in the first audition phase and need to send a video of all the remaining songs by April 15, 2019. (The 2 songs required for the 1st audition were Kuulajale and Emakeelelaul.)


1 Koit  Mihkel Lüdig/Friedrich Kuhlbars

2 Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm  Fredrik Pacius/Johann Voldemar Jannsen

3 Kuulajale  Gustav Ernesaks/Betti Alver

4 Kannel Hain Hõlpus/eesti rahvalaul

5 Emakeelelaul  Tõnu Kõrvits/Doris Kareva

6 Isamaale  Eino Tamberg/Juhan Liiv

7 Ära mind lahti lase  Kadri Voorand/Triin Soomets

8 Tuljak  Miina Härma/Ferdinand Karlson

9 Ilus oled, isamaa  Tõnis Mägi, seade Tõnis Kõrvits

10 Igaviku tuules  Pärt Uusberg/Kristjan Jaak Peterson, Juhan Liiv, eesti rahvaluule

11 Ta lendab mesipuu poole  Peep Sarapik/Juhan Liiv

12 Mu isamaa on minu arm  Gustav Ernesaks/Lydia Koidula

Past Koor Songs


Dona nobis pacem   PDF

       Treble voices

      Bass voices


Rise Up Old Flame    PDF

       Treble voices

       Bass voices


Trailailai       MP3         PDF






Tiliseb, Tiliseb Aisakell


Taas Talv on Tulnud